West London Centre for Counselling (WLCC) is a charity providing a free, confidential counselling service for people 18 years and older who live in LB Hammersmith and Fulham or who are registered with a GP in the borough. We have been serving people in the borough for over 20 years. We now work with the NHS’s Back on Track (IAPT) service and most of our referrals are made through them.


What kinds of counselling do we offer?


Individual counselling

Short-term counselling of individuals for 12 weekly sessions, where you would see the same counsellor on the same day and time every week for the 12 weeks. Referrals for individual counselling must go through Back on Track (0300 123 1156) – you can phone them yourself or ask your GP to refer you to them.


Couples and Psychosexual Counselling

Some of our counsellors specialise in working with couples on relationship issues, or with couples or individuals who have sexual issues that they want to work through. Referrals for couples or psychosexual counselling must go through Back on Track (0300 123 1156) – you can phone them yourself or ask your GP to refer you to them.


Why come to counselling?

People come to counselling for help in looking at and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insight and knowledge, and working through difficult feelings or improving relationships with others. The counsellor’s role is to facilitate this work in ways that respect the client’s values, personal resources and capacity for choice within his or her cultural context.


The aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for the client to work towards living in a way he or she experiences as more satisfying and resourceful.


Counselling involves a deliberately undertaken contract with clearly agreed boundaries and a commitment to privacy and confidentiality. Clients need to be able to commit to coming regularly for the 12 sessions of their counselling.


WLCC is an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and provides a BACP-accredited service. This means that we and our counsellors work within codes and a framework of ethics and conduct. Most of our counsellors are volunteers who have completed an initial phase of counselling training (theory and practice), and are continuing to study while they work for us.
The counsellors work in various languages other than English and are experienced in working with diversity – cultural, racial, disability, HIV etc.