In order for the counselling service to run as efficiently as possible, and to maintain ethical standards, the centre requires a firm commitment from trainee counsellors to fulfil the following requirements:


Prior Training/Qualifications/Experience

Trainees counsellors, if not qualified, must have completed an initial phase of counselling training (theory and practice) of at least 1 year and be engaged in further training.


Minimum Attendance

Trainee counsellors are required to:

• Commit themselves for 18 months to the centre

• See a minimum of 3 clients per week over 40 weeks per year. Clients will be allocated by the Clinical Co-ordinator

• Re-apply to the centre if they wish to continue working at the centre after the initial 18 months

• Attend 2 Induction days at WLCC before starting counselling work

• Sign a contract between themselves and WLCC


Probationary Period

Trainee counsellors are expected to complete a probationary period of 6 months. At the end of this period an appraisal will be undertaken by the Clinical Co-ordinator. If successful, the training placement will be confirmed.


What trainee counsellors can expect from WLCC:

• Fortnightly clinical group supervision

• An annual training programme. Attending training, while not mandatory, is encouraged as the information provided can add significantly to the trainee counsellor’s personal and professional development

• Regular reviews and evaluation of their work

• An environment working towards non-discriminatory ways of working, where difference is respected

• An environment where different counselling approaches are encouraged in a spirit of learning from one another

• Counsellors may tape sessions, but only after completion of the 6-month probationary period and with the permission of the client.

• A clean and welcoming environment in which to work

• A reference, if required, on leaving WLCC providing the following information: time worked at WLCC, number of clients seen, number of hours of counselling work completed, reliability, punctuality, adherence to the centre’s policies, ability to work as part of a team, etc.


There are usually 3 intakes of counsellors over the year.  The times vary depending on our requirements at the time.  When you send in an application we will acknowledge receipt within 10 days (please contact us if you haven't heard after 10 days).  In the acknowledgement we will indicate roughly when the next intake date will be.  Please be aware that we are not able to contact everyone who is not shortlisted for an interview, but you are welcome to contact us for an update if you haven't heard from us.


All clients attending counselling are aware that they are working with trainees who are studying. They agree to this condition by attending an assessment and give consent at the assessment. Clients are the responsibility of the Agency and therefore do not need to sign college consent forms. If you apply for a placement, please be aware that we will not ask clients to sign college consent forms.


To download an application form, click HERE for a PDF, or HERE for a Word document.