The Supervision Manager is responsible for anything relating to the supervision services, e.g. recruitment, training, supervision of the supervisors, general management etc.



Trainee supervisors must:

• Be qualified counsellors/psychotherapists, be BACP/UKCP accredited (or eligible) and/or UKCP registered (or eligible) and have a minimum of 3 to 5 years counselling experience post-qualifying

• Be in the process of training as supervisors, preferably with a course requiring a substantial component of clinical supervision of supervision

• Have appropriate work experience and a commitment to equal opportunities in a counselling environment

• Have appropriate experience in dealing with confidentiality issues


Minimum Attendance

Trainee supervisors are required to:

• Commit themselves for a minimum of 1 year to the centre

• Supervise a group of not more than 3 trainee counsellors fortnightly for 20 sessions throughout one year

• Attend at least 3 supervisory sessions and 1 feedback session per year with the Supervision Manager

• To adhere to feedback procedures at WLCC in relation to the trainee counsellors


Probationary Period/Contract

Trainee supervisors are expected to:

• Attend an Induction at WLCC before starting supervisory work

• Sign a contract between themselves and WLCC

• Acknowledge that the clinical responsibility of client work rests with WLCC and to discuss any concerns with the Supervision Manager, including the extension of counselling contracts

• Attend a training workshop in relation to the supervision of time-limited work


What trainee supervisors can expect from WLCC:

• A fortnightly supervision group of not more than 3 trainee counsellors

• Access to and support from the Supervision Manager

• Regular feedback

• 3 supervised supervision sessions

• An environment where difference is respected and which works towards non-discriminatory practice

• An opportunity to supervise across modalities

• An opportunity to supervise time-limited work within a multicultural setting

• A clean and welcoming environment

• A reference, if required, on leaving WLCC providing the following information: time worked at WLCC, hours of supervision done, reliability, punctuality, adherence to the Centre’s policies, ability to work as part of a team, etc.


To download an application form, click HERE for a PDF, or HERE for a Word document.