In addition to the voluntary counsellors, we have a core
staff team of permanent, accredited counsellors, therapists and administrators:


Rob Bell-Cross (Director and Principal Counsellor)

Gaynor Phillips (Clinical Co-ordinator)

Michaela Boening (Supervision Manager)

Amanda Rijlaarsdam (Administrator)

Isobel George (Administrator)

Claire Randolph (Assessor)

Martin Laurent (Assessor and Counsellor)

Nikki Berry (Assessor and Counsellor)

Sara Pritchard (Assessor)

Pat Gay (Counsellor)

Maureen Mahony (Counsellor)

Alex Dixon (Group Facilitator)

Mike Sherrad (Counsellor and Assessor)

Harrinder Dhillon (Group Facilitator)

Curtis DeLeon (Group Facilitator)

Laura Mckenzie (Counsellor)

Sue Wilson (Administrator)

Board of Trustees

Prof. John Nuttall, PhD, UKCP (Chair)

Dr John Barrett (Secretary and Treasurer)

Digby Howard

Verna Lyus

Brendan Tarring

Alis Yurddas




Julia Tugendhat

Phillip Hodson